"Shawn Wells is a scientist with a unique and rare blend of knowledge in the field of performance nutrition and supplementation. Shawn attended UNC-Chapel Hill, earning a Master’s Degree in Nutritional Biochemistry and minor in Exercise Science. His education along with credentials of Registered Dietitian and Certified Sport Nutritionist (CISSN), distinguished him as an expert in performance nutrition. Shawn has held the role of Chief Clinical Dietitian with over a decade in acute and skilled nursing care, grounding his ethics and practice of patient-focused care. Fulfilling the position of CEO of Zone Halo Research.

In 2011, Shawn took his experience and passion to become Director of R&D at Dymatize Nutrition. Dymatize Nutrition, now owned by Post Holdings, has cemented its role the global leader in finished product research and innovation with over 200 products in more than 50 countries. Shawn currently works for top non-GMO & natural dietary supplement company in the industry, BioTRUST Nutrition, as their Chief Science Officer (CSO) over R&D, Quality Control, and Regulatory departments. Shawn travels the globe looking for the next great ingredient, doing research, delivering education and assembling innovative formulations with experience in every channel of distribution/sales. Shawn has coined and practices the movement of biohacktivism.

What is Zone Halo?
Zone Halo is a consulting group for supplement formulations and regulatory/compliance work. Zone Halo strives to push the field forward by providing the most trusted information regarding nutrition, exercise, and supplementation.

What is Biohacktivism?

Biohacktivism aims to take power back. Take power back from big pharma, away from the government, away from authority, and away from organized religion. Give health, education, and knowledge about ones own body. Biohacktivism strives to give the power back to the one who should own it….You!"