Lindsay Garza

"My name is Lindsay Garza.

I’m a digital publisher. I publish several blogs and have written several published cookbooks and ebooks.

My main blog, VeggieBalance , was and continues to be a record of the things I cook every day as I am celiac. However, with a family history of blood sugar issues and a husband (also known as ‘R’ here) who is pre-diabetic, low carb eating has become more of our normal.

As I learned and implemented more and more low carb eating, I realized that I feel so much better when I eat low carb! My body functions better with higher fat and protein.

As a clean eater, I’ve noticed that there are many low carb recipes out there that involved a box of something as an ingredient. There are so many FAKE low carb foods out there. I mean, they are low in carbs, but the ingredients often leave me scratching my head.

I may not want carbs, but that doesn’t mean I want to replace them with chemicals and garbage! We try to get to as natural as possible when it comes to our ingredients.


If you found your way over here from VeggieBalance, you may be scratching your head over my choice of sweeteners here.

The two sweeteners I use here are organic, pure, liquid stevia as well as non-GMO Erythritol. If you follow me on VeggieBalance, you may look at the use of Erythritol a little cross eyed.

It’s definitely not a clean eating ingredient. But as with most eating plans, you have to make exceptions for your own personal life. And since I do not eat a lot of sweets anyway these days, I allow the Erythritol in my diet for special occasions and such. I have found it to be the best option for me. If you use a different sweetener, awesome! This is just what works for me. You certainly do not have to do what I’m doing. Do what works best for you!


Thanks so much for being here! I hope you will enjoy the recipes and find as much benefit to your health as our family has with low carb eating.

And just an FYI, these recipes tend to lean more towards a Ketogenic diet, but can easily be adjusted to just about any type of low carb eating you follow."