Dr. Anthony Gustin, DC, MS, CSCS, CCSP, CFL1

"My story is your typical “used to be fat and sick now lean and healthy” success story but the path may be slightly different. Follow along if this sounds familar.
Growing up, I thought it was normal to be sick often, overweight, ridden with acne, have insidious joint pains and generally unhealthy. When I started to learn more about science I was enamored with the thought of modifying diet and exercise to get results I had been chasing since I could remember. I became obsessed with modifying the way I looked and felt with diet and lifestyle as much as possible.
Following all of the standard conventional wisdom on nutrition and fitness I shed a few pounds and felt like that meant I was leading a healthy life. I felt that the mental fog, aches and pains and lack of mobility was just age and stress adding up. I was in my early twenties and convinced myself that I knew what “getting old” felt like.
I carried this to a pursuit of health care, choosing a doctorate in chiropractic as the best way to help people on my own terms and in whichever way I wanted.
Throughout my doctoral level nutrition courses, I took what my emaciated, vegetarian eating, skin-and-bones professor taught as truth. Of course low-fat, grain based diets were the way to go, after all, he was the model of a healthy human being and this is what I have always heard.
I took what was handed to me through my overweight, arthritis-engulfed strength and conditioning coaches told me about training small and isolated muscle groups as the only way to build lean tissue and lose fat. After all, isolating muscle groups into artificial uniplanar movements under machines was the right thing to do and this is how I had always seen other people train.
It wasn’t until a few peers and brilliant professors of mine in graduate school starting challenging what I held as gospel for years. I was motivated to finally do the research and apply the many years of fundamental science under my belt to the food I was eating and exercise I was performing. What remained was a foundational support for health and wellness that finally made sense. My insidious pains went away, mental performance skyrocketed, and overall body composition improved dramatically.
My drive is now to educate as many people as possible about the four pillars of health: Nutrition, Movement, Stress/Mental Health, and Sleep/Rest. Without all of these in check, you’ll never fully optimize your health and have a full quality of life.
If you have any questions, or just want to chat, feel free to reach out to all of the social media channels linked above, or through email. If I can point you in the right direction or can help directly, you have my word I’ll do that.
Thanks for visiting, and remember — you can fix yourself!"