Ali Miller
"When I started Naturally Nourished, my Houston-based functional nutrition practice in 2011, I never expected it to expand at the rate it did. Within the first two years, I had thousands of clients and multiple practitioners on staff. I quickly learned that there is a great need for functional nutrition and food-as-medicine information, resources, and interventions. As the real food community grew and people were becoming aware of things like gluten intolerance, leaky gut, autoimmune protocols, and adrenal fatigue I knew that many were looking but being underserved with generalized starting points and fad diets lacking a customized approach from a functional medicine practitioner. Also, I have gathered all of the most successful supplements used in over a decade of successful clinical practice in my shop to provide tools to reset your adrenals, reduce stress influence on your body, reset your gut microbiome, reduce inflammation, repair your leaky gut….and so much more!

Ali Miller RD is a place for my food-as-medicine mission to spread to the masses! I developed this site as a place for me to disseminate cutting-edge information via my podcast, blog, and treatment tabs, as well as a platform to provide the opportunity for virtual consultations from wherever you are, and share delicious recipes that heal the body and tame cravings! I hope you enjoy the site I have created and take the time to navigate all of the resources I have developed for you to support your journey towards optimized wellness."